In the north of Italy, near Milan and a place of incomparable beauty such as Lake Como, Villa Passalacqua is located. It is located in a beautiful town called Moltrasio, very frequented by artists and great fortunes as a holiday destination.

Villa Passalacqua originally belonged to Pope Innocent XI, whose papacy was during 15th century, to later be rebuilt by Count Andrea Luccini-Passalacqua in the 18th century. Felice Soeve, a famous architect at the time, and the designer Giancondo Albertolli were chosen by Luccini-Passalacqua for the major renovation that took place in this luxury villa. Years later, Villa Passalacqua became a refuge for the most influential artists, musicians or writers of the time. A remarcable example was the composer Vincenzo Bellini, who made Villa Passalacqua his home from 1829 to 1833 and where he found the inspiration to create two of his most important operas: Norma and Sonnambula.

Its walls have housed such important figures as Napoleon Bonaparte or Winston Churchill. At present it is visited by important politicians, athletes, artists or actors, who choose Villa Passalacqua seeking tranquility and rest without giving up the greatest luxuries.

Villa Passalacqua, The most beautiful jewel on Lake Como

This impressive property allows you to enjoy Lake Como in all its splendor in a private and exclusive way, since tunnels leading to the lake start from the villa. These tunnels run under the garden to the shore of the lake, with beautiful corners and stone walls. In addition, on its route there are numerous underground rooms and cellars. As for the design details, in Villa Passalacqua we find great contrasts. A proportionate and simple construction on the outside collides with an opulent interior decoration, typical of Soeve's concept. In addition, Villa Passalacqua offers its guests unparalleled views of impressive, carefully tended gardens: an idyllic place full of vegetation and fountains, where a walk becomes a magical experience.

Regarding the general characteristics, we find a complex that has a spectacular dining room dominated by 16 marble columns, decorated with frescoes painted by the neoclassical artist Andrea Appiani. Next to it, a living room with a large fireplace serves as a separation between one room and another. Inside this magnificent property there is also a music room with spectacular views of Lake Como, decorated with frescoes painted this time by Albertolli. The full kitchen is dominated by two large marble fireplaces that contain the emblem of the Passalacqua family. The property also has a cinema, billiards room, gym and a games room for the little ones.

The building is distributed over three floors, with 14 rooms, of which 9 are in suites, all of them uniquely beautiful. In terms of decoration, they all have Persian rugs and numerous works of art. Also noteworthy are its ornate 19th century bronze doors, which are spread throughout the villa, the greatest representation of which is found in the majestic main door built in 1727.

As for the exterior, in the property we can find, in addition to its spectacular gardens; great areas of olive trees and lemons, an over 200 years old and a large swimming pool. Noteworthy is the private stone-lined dock, beautifully decorated with flowers such as roses and jasmine.