Villa El Martinete, the most famous swimming pool in the world

In Marbella, a town of Malaga, Villa El Martinete is located. An impressive home with a very particular history.

It was during the celebration of the 80th birthday of the famous artist Pablo Picasso when he attended the performance of a young Antonio Ruiz Soler, better known as Antonio El Bailarín. The performance pleased the genius of art Picasso so much, that he decided to give Antonio El Bailarín a drawing dedicated by him. The dancer had it reproduced in ceramic in the pool of his property, Villa El Martinete.

This magnificent villa witnessed the golden age that Marbella lived with Alfonso Hohenlohe, becoming the “Alhambra in miniature” of its first owner, Antonio El Bailarín. Entering this majestic 4,017-square-meter villa means being surrounded by magnificent gardens and terraces from which to enjoy incomparable views of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.

Villa El Martinete

This Villa El Martinete, with Renaissance influences, was designed by Antonio himself. Its construction took place over two years and today the most modern luxury is combined in a completely balanced way with the original style of the property. A monumental lobby surrounded by large columns is in charge of receiving visitors. Its interior is distributed in 9 rooms with bathrooms and large marble fireplaces, a large dining room and bar area and a large kitchen with the latest equipment. In its exterior we also find a great variety of privileged features such as two guest houses, an indoor pool, sauna, solarium, elevator and parking. Endless amenities that will delight the most demanding luxury lovers and that have contributed to the fact that Villa El Martinete has been the location for different film shoots.

Villa El Martinete

Villa El Martinete has an unbeatable location on the beachfront, facing the Mediterranean Sea. Located in exclusive Marbella, about 40 minutes from Malaga airport, capital of the Costa del Sol; enjoying a great luxury hotel and gastronomic offer in its surroundings.

This stately villa has been sold at auction through the luxury auction house Concierge Auctions. As a matter of interest, in 2010 various artistic objects from the legacy of Antonio El Bailarin were auctioned, such as a ring from Picasso, sold for € 1,800,000, photos signed by Pepa Flores and María Callas or a stone painted by Jean Cocteau, for an amount of € 425,000.

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