Château Pechrigal, medieval charm

Near the city of Toulouse, in Upper Normandy, is the town of Saint-Clair. A place full of beauty that is perfect for the location of the impressive Château Pechrigal.

Built between the 14th and 15th centuries, this three-floor medieval castle is full of styles and extremely luxurious details that make it a perfect summary of the history and French finery of the time. The property appears for the first time in various historical documents from the year 1354. However, it was in 1368 that the Château de Pechrigal became the property of the nobleman Pierre Casatou, the Coseigneur of Gourdon and Lord of Saint-Clair. In 1648 it was acquired by Jaques de Séguy, whose family kept it until 1782.

Château Pechrigal

It was in 1963 when the Monegasque singer-songwriter Léo Ferré discovered this French castle. Although the condition of the property was not optimal, its medieval style and unique characteristics made it fall in love with this castle.

Thus, Léo Ferré acquired the property and for five years established it as his home, together with what was then his partner, Madaleine Rabereau, and his famous chimpanzee Péepé. In the wonderful Château Pechrigal he composed much of his work and lived until 1968, when he moved to Tuscany, Italy.

This magnificent French chateau remained without an owner until the late 1990s, when it was acquired by a new owner: French-American John Manchec.

Château Pechrigal

After an exhaustive restoration, respecting the medieval roots of the property and applying the new trends of the time, the Château Pechrigal becomes a luxury hotel, offering its guests a magnificent location on the top of a hill, as well as exceptional views. Its wonderful location, with international airports in its surroundings and daily trains to Paris, makes this medieval castle a unique place.

Within a 108-acre tract of land, we find a main building with three floors, 19 bedrooms, 17 full bathrooms, and three toilets. Inside we can find a large terrace where you can enjoy a glass of wine made in the property’s private vineyard. In addition, it has its own two-floor winery, several tennis courts, a swimming pool and numerous trails where you can enjoy horseback riding, as well as a gym and spa.

All this planned to delight the visitor with an authentic luxury life without having to leave the property. A true refuge to escape from the mundane life of the city.

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