Sell within 60 days

We guarantee to sell your European property, if qualified, within 6-12 weeks at market value.

After we accepted your property, we start with our proven and successful very intensive 6 weeks of marketing to our database, we inform our clients who are in our very high-quality database of more than 650,000 registered searchers, 275 billionaires and many more millionaires 10.000+ and American Express Centurion “Black” card.

They often buy online, through video presentation / guided tours., and of course via information from maps, drones, videos, photos, etc. Also we promote the property and worldwide online and print for example Financial Times Worldwide edition and many other high end print magazines or newspapers. And of course we work very close with the local brokers.

Everything is aimed at getting the highest possible bids in in the 6 weeks of promotion and before the start of the online bidding. These “opening bids” come in during the 6 week promotion and before the start of the 5 day online auction. The day the auctions start, the received and irrevocable bids are discussed with the owner and their agent/broker (each bidder had to transfer € 100,000 to the escrow account and a proof of funds must submitted).

Normally we have between 3 and 5 good bids before the start of the auction and we know what the minimum bid will be at the start of the auction. Based on that minimum bid, the seller decides whether to allow the auction to go ahead. Greenlight moment. With greenlight, the auction starts and the amount only increases from that moment on. Over 80% is successfully sold at auction.

These pre-auction bids are of course only the opening bids, then the actual auction starts and only get’s higher. Good example is Mallorca the highest Opening bid (pre-auction) was € 3.1M, based on this opening-bid the owner gave the green light to start the auction. Ultimately, this increased to € 4.6M in the last day of the auction, this because hardly anyone puts their highest bid on the table before the auction, that’s what the auction is for. Same for Marbella, El Martinez, Switzerland, Gstaad, and many others 60% bought only seeing the property in an online presentation.

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