In the Loire Valley and Normandy you will find one of the most spectacular castles in Europe, the Château Charbonnières.

This imposing French castle, built between the 15th and 16th centuries on an area of ​​32 hectares. With an interior area of ​​around 10,000 square meters, distributed over its three floors, there are 20 suite-type rooms with different decorative styles, as well as a main room which bed has been made of exquisite hand-carved wood. In this dazzling French castle we can also find a music and games room, library, banquet hall, an orangery and a greenhouse.

Château Charbonnières

The imposing Château Charbonnières was owned by an important list of French nobles, such as Jean Guarín in 1472 or Jean D'Oynville in 1557. During this time it was frequently visited by King Henry IV, where he was able to enjoy the Eure river, which flows through the grounds of the estate.

At the beginning of the 17th century, in 1600, the Château Charbonnières passed into the hands of Antoine and Cesar de Baux, later belonging to the Lesseville family.

In the 19th century, it was Count Chamois who established himself as the architect of the great renovation of this French castle, a clear example of the Troubadour architecture of France, giving it that Neo-Gothic style that characterizes it today.

Inside we find numerous architectural treasures, such as marvelous wooden floors, a sumptuous spiral staircase, chandeliers or an original 18th century kitchen that remains in perfect condition even after the Château Charbonnières was occupied during the Second World War by German troops.

Château Charbonnières

Already in 2010, the owner of this historic French castle carried out a large and meticulous restoration, preserving the typical elements while equipping it with a modern cinema room, gym and a large conference room. In addition, the entire electrical system is changed and a new heating system is installed.

Counting on an excellent location, Château Charbonnières is located in the heart of the Perche National Park, an environment which makes its visitors feel like true time travelers.

In this luxurious castle you can find unique characteristics such as its majestic gardens, its own river where you can practice activities such as fishing, spectacular forests near the property, as well as the possibility of enjoying the numerous cultural offerings that its surroundings offer. The proximity to cities such as Paris and Le Mans, seventy and thirty-five minutes away respectively, as well as several international airports, make this place an idyllic destination.

In 2017, a prestigious online auction house, an expert in luxury properties and a favorite of great fortunes, put the property up for sale with no starting price, resulting in sold.

The Château Charbonnières stands out for its high level of luxury and history, as well as for being a privileged enclave for disconnecting in a majestic setting.